Adeka Waterstop

Effective waterstop will last a life-time, and more. There is only one waterstop that continues to perform for a 100 years, and that is Adeka. Engineers in the know specify “Adeka and no substitutes” as Adeka is the very best waterstop available (globally).

Construction Joint in Concrete

For construction-joints in concrete, the Adeka waterstop chosen will depend on the job. Where you have a 200 wall, more than 1,200 high, then you would use Adeka MC-2010M. However, for less cover, down to 30mm, you would use Adeka KBA-1510. Both of these substrates require Adeka P-201, waterstop in a cartridge, to bed-down on the first pour.

Waterstop for Sheet-Pile Installation

Adeka A-50N offers a durable waterstop for sheet-piles, with perfect aesthetics. A-50N can be used for a permanent or temporary installation. Where you want to re-use the piles later, a product that peels off more easily is recommended, being A-51N.